6 Reasons to Visit Us

Unique Concept

At Villa Buena Onda we create a FEELING and EXPERIENCE for our guests. It is surrounded by nature and has an amazing view of the Coco Bay. Other properties may share some part of this equation, but all together, there’s nothing like us! We are a rare gem, loved by our guests who seek what we offer.

At just 27 minutes from the LIR airport, you will save precious vacation time with an easy trip to our doorstep. There’s plenty to see and do in our area too, so you won’t miss out on anything….except a long road trip on bumpy roads.


Work remote from Costa Rica, rent the 8-bedroom villa with two tier infinity pool


At the villa, you will be treated like a family member returning home for the holidays. Our team will be your second family. But don’t take it from us, read our guest reviews.

We do our best to keep the VBO “tico” feeling.  We want guests to depart having experienced some connection to local people, culture and flavor during their stay.

Connect With Locals

Hidden Beaches

Plenty To Do... Or NOT

We offer a handful of tours & activities for those who like to keep busy and learn a thing or two. There is also a lot to see and do in our immediate area, starting with three very different beaches. For guests whose ideal stay consists of ambling between their room, the pool, the spa and dining area, reading, sunbathing, relaxing, enjoying a cocktail and taking in the view…well, that’s just fine too.

VBO is a place to unwind and RELAX. You won’t hear loud music, see melted ice cream at some crowded buffet. If you want serenity, quiet time with people you care about and perhaps some solitude, we are your private oasis.


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