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4 Delicious Costa Rican Meals to Try

You cannot leave Costa Rica without trying these dishes.

You are a foodie. You love trying local food. This post is for you!

Costa Rica, as part of the Latin American culture, has a great cuisine based on gluten-free ingredients such as corn, legumes and vegetables. Particularly Costa Rican, you must not board your plane without having a try of these dishes first:

1. Tropical fruit.

Believe or not, the fruit tastes different in Costa Rica. They have a more natural, vivid and stronger flavor, thanks to the humid and hot climate. Try the watermelon, mango, and pineapples, which are handpicked from plantations in the area and brought directly to the kitchen. Make sure you taste the “mamón chino” which is very common in the country and a very different-looking fruit.

Enjoy a day pass at Villa Buena Onda - Tropical Fruit

2. Gallo pinto.

A must. Gallo pinto is basically mixed rice and beans cooked together with spices like finely cut sweet chili, onion and Costa Rican sauce. Normally taken at breakfast and accompanied by eggs any style, sweet fried plantain, local Turrialba cheese, corn tortillas and a good cup of Costa Rican coffee. This meal will give you great energies to dive, snorkel, surf or any activity you decide to do during the day.


3.  Casado.

The Casado is a typical dish served for lunch which in English means “married”. This dish brings chicken, beef fajitas or fish, and is served with white rice, black beans, fried plantain, homemade corn tortilla and cabbage salad.

Casado Tico at Villa Buena Onda Nya Restaurant

4. Chifrijo.

The chifrijo can be taken as lunch or dinner and is usually seeing in bar menus. It has crispy pork, rice, red beans, and pico de gallo (which is essentially tomato, onion, sweet pepper, cilantro and olive oil).  Locals have this with a Costa Rican beer while watching a soccer game!


So, there you go. Four dishes you must try and most importantly, all of these dishes are served at Nya Restaurant, so feel free to visit and give these Costa Rican dishes a try.