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Sunset Open Catamaran Cruise with Snorkeling

This tour starts at 1:30 PM at the main beach in Playa del Coco where we board the 28 foot Mini Marlin for transport to the New Marlin del Rey (66 foot Catamaran). Once on board an introductory speech is given, the anchor is pulled and we motor sail to one of the many pristine beaches in the area. En route we look for for turtles, dolphins, flying fish or whales. We will also cast a fishing line off the back. We eventually pull into a secluded bay and drop anchor. Snorkel equipment is provided and our guests are given an hour to swim among the rocky reefs looking for exotic sea life.

While our guests enjoy the bay, the crew prepares a light lunch that includes BBQ Chicken, rice, fresh fruit, chips (Doritos, Cheetos, Tostitos and Ruffles), dips (fresh homemade beans and pico de gallo) and fresh baked cookies. An open bar is offered during the duration of the tour. Refreshments include: sodas, juices, national beers, liquor (Centenario Rum, Absolute Vodka, Jack Daniels, Tanqueray Gin, Jose Cuervo Tequilla and Cacique guaro) and wine.

After lunch we pull anchor, raise the sails and casually motor sail across the bay. We arrive at our final anchor location as the sun nears the horizon and the sky explodes into a multitude of colors. Our guests disembark the Marlin Del Rey as the sun sinks below the horizon.

We do not provide beach towels so it is recommended that you bring your own from the hotel.
Lunch is served at approximately 3:30 pm so it is best if you eat something prior to the tour’s departure.
Everything is included in the tour so cash is not needed unless you wish to tip the crew.
Smoking is prohibited.
We don’t board any passenger under the influence of alcohol.
All passengers must be barefoot on board. There’s a selected area to leave the sandals.
All passenger must use Lifeguard jackets and flotation device or ‘noodle’ while snorkeling.
Do not jump into the water while the boat is in motion or while engines are on.
To access the boat’s bathrooms, you must go down three steps. This might be difficult for people with mobility impairments.

What to bring:
Swim suit

       Sunset Catamaran Cruise Snorkeling with Villa Buena Onda