Adults only luxury boutique hotel in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Villa Buena Onda: An Intimate & Secluded Costa Rica Wedding Venue

Villa Buena Onda is a meal-inclusive resort located on the hillside of Playas del Coco, in Papagayo, Guanacaste. It’s a boutique hotel best known for being a place of relaxation, excellent service, and incredible food.

However, here we uphold a simple truth: a Costa Rica wedding isn’t simply about having a good time, it’s about creating lifelong memories.



With unique ocean views and an intimate atmosphere, the hotel is the perfect Costa Rica wedding venue. To make this special day even more memorable, we also provide personalized wedding planning services.

Let us customize your dream wedding, from 2 people and up, based on your expectations and ideas, so it can be perfect from beginning to end. Music, flowers, and food are all arranged to your satisfaction. The villa can hold up to 23 sleeping guests and up to 80 wedding guests.


Why choose Villa Buena Onda for your wedding destination?

Villa Buena Onda is an unbeatable wedding destination. Intimacy, attention, and beauty are at the front stage in this luxury hotel, making your experience unforgettable.



Privacy and exclusivity: With only eight rooms, you can rent all the hotel for your wedding. When renting the whole Villa, everything operates the same as when we function as a hotel, the only difference is that it’s just for you.

You will have the full 12-member staff making sure your stay is as wonderful as possible, arranging everything from the decorations to the music.

Imagine a wedding at your own personal ocean-view venue, with no other worry than enjoying the day.


Easy access for guests: Located 25 minutes from the Liberia airport, Villa Buena Onda offers a smooth arrival experience. It’s perfect for families and other guests that may not travel often, but its location and natural surroundings make it exciting for those who do.

Five minutes from the gorgeous Coco beach, Villa Buena Onda has an outstanding combination of expansive views of the ocean and the Costa Rican tropical forest. Its proximity to nature and luxurious spaces make this one of the best beach wedding locations in the country.

We are also minutes from several other beaches, national parks, and a golf course. In Villa Buena Onda guests can enjoy not just the hotel, but also activities in the days before and after the ceremony.


Exceptional service: With our small size comes a huge commitment to service. In fact, we generally have more staff than guests! And for weddings, we have a dedicated bilingual wedding planner ready to help. She will make your oceanfront ceremony dream come true.

Whether you want to come to celebrate with a large group or a smaller one, Villa Buena Onda has the utmost attention to detail. Tell us how you always wanted this day to be, and we’ll make it happen!



Flexibility: We can host weddings of up to 80 guests, but we will also organize weddings with just two. If you want a certain array of colors or a specific flower, tell us to apply it into the wedding. We actually prefer to adjust everything to your taste: this day is about you after all!

Alternatively, if you want to come for a more romantic escapade, it is an intimate space where no other noise than bird songs will annoy you during your stay. Whether travelling to renew your vows or to celebrate a wedding anniversary, it is also a perfect nook for you and your beloved.

Keep in mind, however, that the villa itself can sleep up to 23 people in its eight rooms. A wide variety of nearby lodging is available for extended groups, and we can help arrange that for you as well.



Definitely, Villa Buena Onda makes for unforgettable Costa Rica wedding ceremonies and receptions. With stunning views of the Papagayo Bay as your backdrop, customizable packages, beach photoshoots, and gourmet meals, this is the perfect Costa Rica wedding venue.



Eloping can be the utmost romantic expression. It celebrates the truth at the core of romance: two people bound by love.

Villa Buena Onda believes romance is alive and well. We can gladly arrange a personalized elopement in Costa Rica that reflects your and your partner’s personality, while still incorporating the natural beauty from the country.

In addition, elopement allows you to have a Costa Rica wedding in the same place where you can start your honeymoon. Admire the tropical vegetation, go on adventure tours, or simply relax at the pool. It’s up to you!

With one of our customizable wedding elopement packages you can get the event of your dreams:


Just the Two of Us

Enjoy a perfect day of elopement in Guanacaste, while being close to the best beaches of Costa Rica. The ocean views and songs of birds engulf the area where you and your partner get married.

With personalized exotic flower decorations, your special private ceremony can take place either on the beach, in the privacy of your room or one of the open spaces of the luxury villa, where the views of the Pacific ocean are best. Enjoy a private ceremony with our highly recommended officiant and 2 witnesses of your choice or 2 of our staff members who can fulfill this role if you prefer.

Tropical Bouquet at Villa Buena Onda Wedding Venue

Then head to the beach in a private shuttle, where a photoshoot takes place. A professional photographer is in charge of recording everything, and this is the perfect chance to take advantage of Costa Rica’s lush coasts, white sand, and vibrant colors.

Finish this perfect day by watching the sun setting in the horizon, the two of you united in love.

If you want something special that is not listed in this package, simply let us know and we can also arrange it for you.

The “Just the Two of Us” elopement package includes:

  • Legal ceremony
  • Bridal bouquet with tropical flowers
  • Grooms boutonniere
  • Wedding arch with tropical flowers
  • Lawyer
  • Photographer



Price for Package: $2,900*  (taxes included)
*This is an estimated price and may vary depending on what is requested.


Would you like to get more information?

Yes, I do!


In Villa Buena Onda, your wedding is about you. We specialize in creating shared memories, and the sky blue waters of Papagayo Gulf are the perfect backdrop for any event, providing an elegant wedding location with a welcoming atmosphere.

To guarantee privacy and comfort, the hotel will be dedicated exclusively to you and your guests for a minimum of 4 nights.  More than a wedding venue, the villa becomes your home for the day, enhancing the intimacy of the experience.

However, organizing a larger group of friends and family can be complicated, especially if they vary in ages and tastes. This is why our customizable wedding packages are a great way of beginning your life together.

Wedding Venue Setup at Villa Buena Onda
Celebrate this hassle-free milestone the way you always dreamed. Simply tell us what you want, sit back, and enjoy. The on-site restaurant, Nya, is in charge of all meals, and a bilingual wedding planner is every step of the way making sure everything is perfect.

Select from the gourmet menu what you prefer, whether it’s presented as a buffet or a la carte. We offer three exquisite meal options for you to choose. However, if there is something very special that isn’t listed in our menu, let us know as well so we can prepare it for you.

With an array of tropical flowers and personalized decorations photoshoots become a joy. Select the music you want (and let us know what music you don’t want) so the mood fits the wedding throughout the day. The DJ even dresses according to your choice of colors and styles.

Take a look at our wedding packages and let us know if you have any questions.


20 guest Wedding Package

The first of our wedding packages is designed for up to 20 guests. With the perfect balance of ocean views, floral arrangements, and vibrant decorations everything is ready for you to enjoy.

Take advantage of one of the best Costa Rica wedding locations in the country, and indulge in a day to celebrate you and your beloved.

Our wedding package includes:

  • Bridal Bouquet with Tropical Flowers
  • 2 Bridesmaids Bouquet with tropical flowers
  • 2 Corsage
  • Grooms Boutonniere
  • Wedding Arch with Tropical Flowers
  • Lawyer
  • 4 Hours Photographer coverage
  • 4 Hour DJ
  • Appetizers for Cocktail Hour
  • Sparkling Wine for the toast
  • Buffet or a la Carte Dinner
  • Wedding Cake
  • White chiavari chairs with cushions
  • 3 Centerpieces and votive candles
  • Guanacaste Wooden tables for Reception Set Up
  • Set Up Fee
  • On-site Wedding Planner


Price for Package: $7,500*  (taxes included)
*This is an estimated price and may vary depending on what is requested.


Villa Buena Onda Wedding Setup


40 guest Wedding Package

Similarly, this wedding package is designed for even larger groups, from 20 to up to 40 guests. Regardless of the amount, Villa Buena Onda provides the same attention to detail and exclusive service it always has.

Wedding packages are customizable, so make sure to let us know exactly what you want to help you organize a dream ceremony.

This wedding package includes:

  • Bridal Bouquet with Tropical Flowers
  • 2 Bridesmaids Bouquet with tropical flowers
  • 2 Corsage
  • Grooms Boutonniere
  • Wedding Arch with Tropical Flowers
  • Lawyer
  • 4 Hours Photographer coverage
  • 4 Hours DJ Services
  • Appetizers for Cocktail Hour
  • Sparkling Wine for the toast
  • Buffet or a la Carte Dinner
  • Wedding Cake
  • White chiavari chairs with cushions
  • 3 Centerpieces and votive candles
  • Guanacaste Wooden tables for Dinner Reception
  • Set Up Fee
  • On-site Wedding Planner



Price for Package: $10,300* (taxes included)
*This is an estimated price and may vary depending on what is requested.


Wedding Venue Setup at Villa Buena Onda

Additional Services

In addition to the amenities you would already be enjoying at Villa Buena Onda, we offer an array of extra services in your package:

  • Hair and makeup
  • Escort
  • Seating cards
  • Especially requested dishes.
  • Live entertainment

Whatever it is that you would like in order to make this day even more special, tell us so we can bring it over!



Always dreamed about vacationing to Costa Rica?  The beautiful beaches of Guanacaste are a great destination. Many couples come to Costa Rica to renew their vows on their wedding anniversary, attracted by the rich biodiversity and calm waters of the ocean.

When you stay at Villa Buena Onda, this experience is enhanced. Visit the most beautiful locations in each other’s company while still enjoying the laid back atmosphere.

If you want a simple but intimate moment, we can arrange it for you in this peaceful oasis. Get away from the outside world and unwind with your favorite person. If you want something more elaborate, let us know and we can also get it done. Upon request, we can organize a special ceremony with a photographer and flower decorations.

Either way, enjoy a complimentary special dinner from us on this date.


Wedding Venue Setup at Villa Buena Onda


Amongst the benefits of renewing your vows at Villa Buena Onda in Guanacaste, Costa Rica are:

  • Get away from home and from work.
  • Discover a new place, explore beaches, rainforests, and volcano areas.
  • Learn about Costa Rican culture.
  • Interact with locals.
  • Get pampered with our top-level service.
  • Relax in a tropical zone of the country.
  • Try our amazing cuisine of local and international fusion.

This definitely is an occasion you’ll never forget.


Wedding Venue Setup at Villa Buena Onda


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