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Costa Rica's two seasons are the dry summer season (Verano) and the winter or "green" season (Invierno). The summer season is from mid-November to early May with daytime temperatures ranging from 80°-90° (26° to 32° C). The winter season is from May to November. Daytime temperatures range from 65°-75° (18°-23° C). Days during the winter season begin sunny and beautiful with an occasional rain shower in the late afternoon. Rain showers usually last an hour. During the winter season, there are also several periods known as Veranillos or "little summers" that tend to occur in late June and early July when temperatures range from 72°-90° (22°-32°C). Most rainfalls can be intense but are often short and followed with serene and beautiful weather.  Green season is also the perfect time to enjoy the lush, green landscapes and and beautiful flora in full bloom. 

The Villa Buena Onda is located in the hillsides of Playas del Coco.  Playas del Coco is one of the oldest beach communities in Guanacaste Province.  A quiet fishing village at the heart of Costa Rica’s famous Gulf of Papagayo, Playas del Coco is a popular destination for both local Costa Ricans and visitors from around the world.  Local Costa Ricans refer to Playas del Coco affectionally as "El Coco" while travelers refer to El Coco as "Coco Beach".  


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