Luxury All-Inclusive Micro-Resort in Costa Rica

Luxury All-Inclusive Micro-Resort in Costa Rica

House Rules & Guidelines

In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible and to ensure the comfort, safety and security of our guests, our staff and our property, we ask that all guests familiarize themselves with the house rules at the beginning of their stay at the Villa Buena Onda. 

As a gentle reminder, guests may incur additional fees or charges for any damages to the property due to negligence.  

A Message From The VBO Team

All guests at the Villa must be registered. Guests who host overnight visitors will be charged the nightly rate per visitor.

Guests are welcomed to entertain visitors at the Villa; however, additional meals and beverages provided to visitors are subject to an additional fee.

Guests will be responsible for any loss or damage to the hotel property caused by themselves, their guests or any person for whom they are responsible.

Fireworks, explosives, weapons, incendiary devices, flammable materials or other dangerous chemicals are not permitted on the property.

Per local laws, illicit or illegal drugs, controlled substances or drug paraphernalia is not permitted on the property.

Selling or serving alcohol to minors under the age of 18 is prohibited.

Guests are strongly encouraged to keep all all windows, doors and sliding glass doors closed at night, both in your rooms and the downstairs to avoid animals from entering the villa.

Please refrain from rearranging the furniture or moving inside furniture to the outside.

Please do not approach or feed the wildlife on the property.

As a courtesy to our neighboring properties, loud music is not permitted on the property after 10pm.

To avoid any nightly raids from the wildlife on the property, all food, fruit, snacks and open beverages should be brought inside the villa and removed from the pool and bar area at the end of the evening.

Pool towels are available for guests and located on the patio. Please do not remove items from your bedroom including towels, pillows or blankets.

Please do not apply spray tan or sunscreen products inside the Villa.

For your convenience, all rooms are equipped with a safe located in the wardrobe. The Villa bears no responsibility for any damage or loss of personal belongings that are not kept in the safe. In case of any loss, please inform our Concierge. We recommend you to double check the safe in your room upon your departure.

The speed limit on the property is 20km/h.


Smoking is not permitted inside the Villa including bedrooms, bathrooms or inside common areas.

To avoid the risk of fire and to help maintain the appearance of the Villa, please do not dispose of cigarettes on the property.

Guests who smoke inside the property will be subject to a $250 fine.


All bedrooms have a high-efficiency air conditioning unit that can typically provide a comfortable temperature within 8-10 minutes. To help conserve energy, we encourage our guests to refrain from keeping their bedroom and sliding glass doors open when not in use and to turn off their AC when not occupying their room.

To avoid the risk of damaging the AC unit, please do not set thermostats below 20°C / 68°F.


No glass including bottles are permitted in the pool, bar lounge area or removed from behind the bar. Please use the plasticware provided.

Guests are required to shower before entering the pool. A sun shower and a private shower in the patio restroom are available.

Pool towels are available for guests and located in the pool area. Please do not remove items from your bedroom including towels, pillows or blankets.

No diving is permitted.

Patio furniture is not permitted in the pool. Guests who place patio furniture in the pool are subject to a fine.

All children under 18 should be monitored by an adult when using the pool.

Swim diapers are required for all infants and toddlers using the pool.

To avoid the risk of injury, guests are encouraged to towel themselves off before entering the Villa and the kitchen area.

Please avoid wet bathing suits while sitting on the furniture inside the Villa.



For the safety and security of our staff and guests, security cameras are located throughout the exterior of the Villa and only in common areas of the Villa.

Guests are not permitted to tamper, alter, disconnect or obstruct security cameras.